Why Should You Obtain Your Category C+E Licence?

There are numerous compelling reasons to pursue a career in HGV driving. The opportunities available for Category C (Class 2) licence holders alone are remarkable, with attractive salaries. As you progress to Category C+E (Class 1), the potential job options and advantages only increase. Considering the vast amount of information and considerations involved, we have condensed it into a list of what we consider to be the five key benefits of obtaining your Category C+E licence. Let’s find HGV training courses and explore them in detail.

Ease of Training

When you move onto the Category C+E licence the training becomes a huge amount easier. We know that doesn’t sound right and we are not saying that Category C+E vehicles are easier to drive than Category C vehicles, after all, it is a larger vehicle and yet another learning curve to negotiate, but trust us you will be surprised how much easier the training process becomes

Firstly, there is no extra Theory Test! Forget all those hours in front of the computer or with your head buried in a book, there’s no need for any of that because the Theory Tests that you took for your Category C licence are the only ones you need to do, so you can skip ahead straight to the practical training, what a result! Once you get to the practical training in the truck you have two choices, either you can learn in a fully articulated vehicle or a waggon and drag vehicle (sometimes referred to as a truck and trailer)

There are advantages associated with each type of vehicle. The fully articulated lorry is more prevalent and commonly encountered in the workplace. However, it requires a more steep learning curve during the training stage. On the other hand, the wagon and drag lorry is easier to learn because it falls under Category C and has a connected trailer. This allows you to be familiar with operating the main vehicle, needing only to adapt your skills to accommodate the trailer at the rear.

Fortunately, the days of being restricted to a single vehicle choice are over. Nowadays, regardless of the vehicle you receive training and testing in, you will obtain a licence that permits you to drive both. The training process is also likely to be more seamless. During Category C training, it is common to feel that you’re not getting enough driving experience and that the learning process is time-consuming. However, with Category C+E training, you already possess the necessary knowledge.

Fortunately, the era has passed where individuals were limited to selecting just one vehicle and being restricted to it. Nowadays, regardless of the vehicle you receive training and examination in, you will obtain a licence granting you the ability to operate both vehicle types. Moreover, the training week itself tends to proceed much more smoothly. During Category C training, it is not uncommon to feel that you are not getting enough driving practice and that the learning process is dragging on. However, with Category C+E, since you already possess driving skills for larger vehicles and are familiar with handling gears, the only aspect you need to concentrate on is adjusting your driving style and manoeuvring to accommodate the increased length. From our perspective, this appears to be a significantly simpler undertaking.

Getting into Work

The HGV industry currently has a significant number of job openings in both category types. While it may appear straightforward to secure employment, there are several challenges that individuals often face, such as age limitations, lack of experience, and the required motivation. However, obtaining a category C+E licence can be a valuable solution to overcome these obstacles. Allow me to explain why.


As individuals age, they may encounter the misconception from employers that they have reached their peak capabilities. However, it is important to emphasise that age does not define one’s abilities. If you have spent your entire career driving a Category C vehicle and, at the age of 50, choose to undertake the challenge of passing another test, it showcases your determination and competence.


For individuals who are new to the industry, obtaining a Category C+E licence can pose a challenging obstacle. However, this does not hold true for those who have been utilising their Category C licence for an extended period. Acquiring a Category C+E licence demonstrates to employers that despite having limited experience as a driver, you possess caution and responsibility. Overcoming this barrier requires showcasing qualities such as attentiveness, sensibility, and dedication, which can be achieved by having an impressive CV and demonstrating your willingness to undertake additional tests. As a new driver, an effective strategy to kickstart your career is applying for Category C positions even if you already possess a Category C+E licence. This approach instils confidence in employers as it showcases your ability to obtain a licence for larger vehicles.

An excellent strategy for new drivers looking to gain experience is to consider applying for Category C positions, even if they already hold a Category C+E licence. This is because having a licence for a larger vehicle demonstrates competence to potential employers, giving them confidence in your ability to handle Category C vehicles effectively. After gaining six months of experience, you will be in a favourable position to advance to Category C+E positions.


Employers do not desire a driver who lacks dedication and only puts in partial effort. A lacklustre approach is not conducive to providing excellent service. It is important to demonstrate through your resume and during the interview process that you are highly motivated and genuinely interested in advancing as a driver, aiming for a successful career in this field. Acquiring your Category C+E licence serves as evidence of your financial and time investment in becoming an exceptional driver.

If you aspire to become a driver and build a successful career, it is crucial to provide yourself with optimal opportunities and choices. The Category C+E licence is designed to provide exactly that.

Choice of Roles

In the HGV industry, there is a wide range of job opportunities, and the options expand with the size of the licence you possess. Consider the specific type of work you are interested in, such as long haul, short haul, tramping, or EU driving. The availability of these jobs is greater for individuals with a Category C+E licence because larger vehicles allow the transportation of more goods in a single trip. That’s why supermarket and warehouse deliveries are typically carried out by Category C+E vehicles. It’s important to carefully evaluate your location and the type of work you are likely to encounter.

In the South East of England, there is a considerable need for Car Transporters, with multiple high-quality car manufacturing facilities located in this region. While car production is typically divided among various factories and transported in multiple parts, once the production process is finished, the cars must be distributed nationwide to be displayed in individual showrooms.

If you happen to be located in Yorkshire, you’ll find a thriving food and beverage production industry. Major companies like Coca-Cola UK, Mr Kipling, and Nestle have established factories in the region. Given that these are key manufacturing facilities, the products must be transported to storage warehouses across the country for later local distribution.

These two examples highlight the high demand for Category C+E vehicles. While Category C vehicles are commonly used for deliveries to homes and shops, Category C+E drivers have the opportunity for long-haul trips from production plants on open roads.

If you already possess a Category C+E licence, you are in a favourable position to consider additional endorsements such as ADR, HiAb, or Moffett. While pursuing these endorsements requires extra training and expenses, it is important to weigh the advantages. Having more endorsements opens up a wider range of opportunities for you. To explore the available options, feel free to contact our approachable team at 0808 168 5255.

Higher Salaries

Category C+E drivers typically receive higher salaries compared to Category C drivers Due to the more challenging and lengthier routes they undertake. While these salaries vary depending on the region, the average salary for a Category C+E driver in the UK is £30,000, whereas Category C drivers earn an average of £24,000. This higher salary reflects the demanding nature of the job and emphasises the importance of being a dedicated and competent worker in order to earn a good income.

Finding your dream job can be an incredibly fulfilling experience where you genuinely look forward to going to work every day. And on top of that, earning a decent salary adds even more to this positive feeling. Of course, the specific salary amounts mentioned here are just averages and can vary depending on the location and nature of the work. To determine an exact figure, it is important to explore job opportunities in your own area. These higher salaries are available to those who are willing to put in the effort and take on more challenging roles.

Before choosing a licence type, it’s important to consider your daily tasks. If your aim is to make multi-stop deliveries within your local area, a Category C licence should suffice. With this, you can anticipate earning around £21,000 – £23,000. On the other hand, if you’re willing to travel overnight and transport goods across long distances from the UK to countries like France or Germany, a Category C+E licence is necessary. In this case, you can expect to earn approximately £32,000 – £35,000.

As you progress In most industries, your salary tends to increase along with your level of experience. For instance, if you become a Category C+E driver, you would begin with a higher salary compared to a Category C driver, who would need to work for a few years in order to attain a similar salary level.

Respected Among Your Colleagues

In every industry, there exists a hierarchy consisting of individuals who aspire to rise and those who are regarded as authoritative figures. Typically, most individuals aspire to be esteemed and admired by others. This esteemed status is conferred upon those who excel in their respective fields, possess ample experience, and have the opportunity to undertake work that others eagerly desire. Achieving this professional milestone becomes more attainable with the acquisition of a Category C+E licence.

As you undergo further training and complete additional assessments, your comprehension of vehicle mechanics and driving techniques will improve. This knowledge will continue to expand as you progress in your role. As your expertise grows, your colleagues will seek your advice and value your perspectives and opinions.

Starting your career at a higher level as a Category C+E driver gives you a significant advantage, putting you in a great position to secure the kind of work that you and others aspire to. While many aspiring HGV drivers falsely believe that it will primarily involve open roads and fascinating loads, the reality often falls short of their expectations. However, As a Category C+E driver, you can become an inspirational story for others, showcasing how you obtained your dream driving job, with the flexibility to choose your own hours, explore the country, and transport unique and captivating loads. Your experience will motivate others to pursue a career as a Category C+E driver.

There are numerous incredible benefits when it comes to obtaining your HGV licence and progressing towards a Category C+E licence. The profession of Being a driver is highly gratifying and fulfilling.