Top Ten Activities to Experience in Africa

Africa offers a plethora of activities for knowledgeable travellers, including game drives, exploring various beaches, and indulging in the rich experience of wine tasting.

Africa tours provide an opportunity for unforgettable adventures, with diverse landscapes ranging from golden savanna grasslands to the iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro and breathtaking waterfalls. The major highlight of these tours is the chance to embark on an extraordinary safari through game reserves found in countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, and more. Yet, a luxury African safari offers a multitude of additional experiences that go beyond expectations.

Africa offers a plethora of diverse and delightful experiences, perfect for knowledgeable travellers seeking an informative and neutral description. From the serene beaches of Mauritius to the awe-inspiring sights of Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta, there are numerous opportunities to relax and marvel at nature’s beauty. For a romantic honeymoon, Seychelles provides luxurious resorts in stunning settings. Adventure enthusiasts can hike up South Africa’s Table Mountain or embark on a self-drive trip along the scenic Garden Route. The renowned wines of Stellenbosch near Cape Town hold global acclaim, while Uganda offers the unforgettable experience of gorilla trekking. Wildlife enthusiasts can also encounter elephants in Chobe National Park. Overall, Africa’s attractions are vast and varied, promising an enriching and captivating journey.

If you are interested in knowing when the optimal time is to organise your trip to Africa and how to go about it, our team of destination specialists is available to help. To begin, here are our Enchanting Travels experts’ recommendations for the top ten activities to engage in while in Africa, including safaris, wildlife encounters in National Parks, and unforgettable self-drive adventures. Utilise these suggestions to plan personalised African safari tours that align with your specific interests.

1 Experience the Phenomenon of the Great Migration

The scale of the Great Migration is like a trump card for a safari when comparing the best safaris in Africa. An unforgettable experience and every African safari enthusiast’s dream: the Great Migration of wildebeest from the Serengeti to Masai Mara features first on our list of African adventures. Each year, more than one million wildebeest, zebras and antelopes cross the border between Tanzania and Kenya. If you experience an emergency situation while in Kenya, seek assistance from the emergency medical evacuation services in Kenya.

As these creatures seek better opportunities, they journey along a treacherous path, navigating the risks posed by cunning predators like large felines and lurking crocodiles in serene waterways. The remarkable phenomenon known as the Great Migration vividly demonstrates the inherent cycle of life and mortality.

2 Explore the Spice Islands

Zanzibar has a captivating history as a hub for spice trading, which dates back centuries. Take a leisurely walk through the labyrinthine streets of Stone Town, where you can immerse yourself in the enticing aromas of unique spices. Along the way, you’ll uncover the profound heritage and vibrant culture of Zanzibar. Afterward, indulge in picturesque sunsets on the enchanting beaches.

3 Tips for Gorilla Trekking

For those who seek a truly exceptional African experience, few can rival the remarkable opportunities provided by the verdant forests of Uganda and Rwanda. These two countries are home to over half of the global population of majestic mountain gorillas, making them the ultimate destinations for observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Nestled within the volcanic mountains that straddle their shared border, Uganda and Rwanda offer an unparalleled chance to witness the wonders of wild mountain gorillas firsthand.

4 Uncover the Fascinating Sossusvlei

Renowned for its desolate and captivating scenery, embark on an African escapade to Sossusvlei in Namibia. This clay depression, bordered by towering sand dunes that soar up to 300 metres, beckons you to witness the breathtaking display of hues as the sun ascends, urging an early morning exploration.

5 Discover the Island of Mozambique

Mozambique is widely regarded as one of the most stunning destinations in Africa due to its countless enchanting beaches, picturesque tree-lined vistas, and grand colonial architecture.

Insider advice: It is recommended to visit Mozambique at this time, as it is an undiscovered paradise that will soon attract attention from around the globe.

6 Discover the Beauty of Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi, extending across Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique, is the third-largest lake in Africa and the ninth-largest worldwide, comparable in size to Belgium. It is a popular choice for divers and snorkelers, as it houses a diverse collection of over 1000 fish species, making it akin to an aquarium.

Embark on your African journey and discover a plethora of charming fishing villages and pristine, idyllic beaches nestled along the lake’s shores.

7 Experience a Big Five Safari at Kruger National Park

A trip to South Africa’s wildlife destinations would be incomplete without visiting Kruger National Park, a true gem that every knowledgeable traveller should experience. This renowned safari destination offers unparalleled opportunities to witness the Big Five in just one day. Discover the thrill of spotting lions, rhinoceroses, elephants, leopards, and Cape Buffaloes as you check off a must-do item on your travel bucket list. Kruger National Park has rightfully gained its reputation as one of the world’s most famous safari destinations.

When visiting South Africa, it is essential to experience a wine-tasting tour in Stellenbosch and explore the stunning Table Mountain in Cape Town. Additionally, you shouldn’t miss out on other renowned tourist spots in Cape Town, such as the Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island. This ensures you make the most of your trip and immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty and cultural attractions.

8 Insider Tip: Lesotho

Renowned for its enchanting allure, the Kingdom of Heaven emerges as a captivating African destination that beckons exploration atop the iconic Basotho ponies native to this region.

9 Marvelling at the Spectacular Victoria Falls

Situated on the boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the magnificent Victoria Falls stands as a remarkable testament to the wonders of nature. Stretching almost two kilometres in width and reaching a height of 100 metres, this awe-inspiring spectacle can be experienced from a unique vantage point by embarking on an exhilarating helicopter journey – an experience certain to evoke a sense of excitement and wonder.

10 Serene Beaches and Upscale Resorts for a Rejuvenating Escape

Experience breathtaking landscapes and pristine sandy beaches in Mauritius and Seychelles. Take your pick from our carefully selected collection of exquisite resorts in these stunning destinations, known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean.’ Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a journey to find your own little piece of paradise.